Album – Release Date 8.08.2022 – Self Released – Double Vinyl

+/- is the title of the debut album by Avé Eva 369.
It’s a nine track journey, seen through the eyes of a spirit who ate from the forbidden fruit and has landed on planet earth. The spirit makes a labyrinthine trip through the dualistic nature of the planet and gains knowledge of good and evil.
Worlds of sound arise from subtle electronic textures, transitions and rhythms. Vocals overlay these worlds creating dreamscapes. 
The songs examine the friction and union between opposites like heaven/hell and man/woman.

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Persephone & Demeter

Persephone & Demeter
Amsterdam / The Hague / Tenerife, 2018
The Goddess of grain, Demeter, loses her daughter Persephone when she is kidnapped by the God of the underworld, Hades. Demeter searches town and country for her daughter and eventually she gets permission by Zeus, the king of the Gods, to retrieve her daughter from the underworld.
Persephone eats six pomegranate seeds in the underworld, although food is forbidden there. Zeus then decides that Persephone must spend six months a year in the underworld. In the fall and winter she lives in the underworld and during spring and summer Persephone lives in the upper world with her mother Demeter.
This myth refers to sowing and reaping of grain. But also to the dual human nature of descending into darkness and ascending into light. Also, Persephone and Demeter are key figures in the initiations of The Eleusinian Mysteries; Greek rituals that were performed from the 7th century BC onwards. During the rituals, the Greek drank ‘Kykeon’. This drink was made from fermenting barley and causes an LSD-like trip. In Persephone & Demeter I aim to bring about a similar trip.

One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket
60 min, Los Angeles, 2016
Two people get to hear that they have been chosen to go on a one way trip to another planet.
The film follows them on their last days on earth.


Nostalgia for fluorine green grass
14 min, Tokyo, 2015
A boy rather lives inside a computer game than in the real world.
Wandering through Tokyo, he is searching for an outer space place to live.


19 min, Daegu, South Korea, 2015
After being invented inside the laboratory, a robot is send to his new home where his job is to accompany a woman. The robot´s inventors made him so intelligent, that he get´s fed up with his job.

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