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represented by: Annelien Kers Gallery, Amsterdam

 The prehistoric man was watching for dangers in the uncontrollable world he lived in. The modern, western human is protected by the walls of his house and nature seems perfectly under controle. The continuous focus on survival became unnecessary. Also, beings that are noticeable by the sixth and more senses get lesser attention than back in the days. The modern human invented new things to keep him going. I imagine that contemporary hunting grounds are located in computer games and discotheques. But what happens when the new hunting, which is often related to commercial, materialistic, predictable and decadent activities, is not satisfactory and boredom strikes?


Making art is a sublime fighter of boredom. The interaction between boredom and satisfaction is the starting point for my films. The films portray people who feel unfulfilled and scared of the void. They are searching for their perfect other half to become whole again. The characters search for their perfect other half in other people, parties, games, God and fantasies about other places. If they succeed, there is a feeling of completeness. The person experiences a feeling of ecstasy and makes no distinction between himself and his environment anymore. People forget what they were earlier that day. In these divine moments, there are no hierarchies, time and place.


+316 34 77 9 22 1